Climate diversity and the capacity of our professionals allow us to produce healthy food and ingredients of recognized quality for the world at competitive prices.

For diversity. We have a high diversification of climates and highly fertile lands. We have one of the five macro zones in the world that have a Mediterranean climate.

The above is enhanced by maintaining our zoo and phytosanitary safety, thanks to natural barriers and the strictest controls, which has allowed us to establish sustained leadership in the export of primary agricultural products.

By networks. We have a robust commercial network thanks to our 26 agreements with 64 markets, which allow us to reach 86.3% of world GDP with privileged tariff conditions.

Our country is one of the 15 largest exporters in the agricultural world and has positioned more than 50 products in all the markets in which it participates.

We are world leaders in export of blueberries, cherries, grapes, plums and dried apples, salmon and mussels. We are also in the first places in the rankings of export of wine, raspberries and inulin.

• US$ 15.607 million in 2016 in food exports.
•  2nd place in Latin America in logistics performance. 46th worldwide.
•  Wine industry: 1st in the Americas and southern hemisphere and 4th worldwide.
•  Global food security index: 1st in Latin America and 24th worldwide in 113 countries.
•  First exporter in the world of: fresh leases, fresh cherries, fresh grapes, dried plums and dehydrated apples.
•  2nd World exporter of nuts without shell, fresh plums and hazelnuts with shells.

Chile is a mature market for the production and export of:

Functional ingredients and sophisticated foods, which have managed to quickly position themselves in markets and consumers, developing parallel needs in the optimization of production processes.

Bioproducts and their precursors, nutraceuticals with use in agriculture, generated from algae and waste produced by the Food Industry (fishery / aquaculture).

In addition, there are incentives for the arrival and implementation of R&D centers to add value in the food industry.



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