Arab countries have some of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, along with a large community of entrepreneurs who have been investing around the world for years.
In the United States and Europe, they have bought well-known football teams, buildings, hotel chains, retail, food companies, ports and airports.
They have also extended their investments by buying important stock packages from automotive companies, banks and airlines.

We seek to boost investments such as:
• DP World bought the ports of San Antonio and Lirquén for US$ 502 million.
• Qatar Airways bought 10% of LATAM for US$ 613 million.
• ADIA is a partner in Territoria Apoquindo.

Capture Arab investments for Chile, both sovereign and private funds:
• Several Arab funds are among the largest in the world. Some of them surpassing 800 billion dollars, more than double the total GDP of Chile.
• They have already invested in the USA, China and Europe in real estate, banks, automotive industry, the largest hotel chains and retail.
• Chile is unknown to them. Efforts are being used to change this, recently the government, some companies and the newly founded Chilean Arab Chamber of Commerce and Investment, are working to bring Chile and the Arab world closer together.
• Arab funds priorities are investments in infrastructure and real estate, agribusiness, logistics, tourism and energy. Considering the great deficit of public works that exists in Chile, over US$ 15 billion, Arab funds can become the ideal partners.
• Investment of US$ 553 million from ADIA (Abu Dhabi Sovereign Fund) in Abertis Chile




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