The first South American economy in the OCDE

We are leaders in Latin America, with a recognized track record as recipients of IED.

The first South American economy in the OCDE, competitive and with solid bases, with sustained policies that have allowed us to have the best PIB per capita in the region. A nation with a dynamic business environment.

Since 1998, it is the most competitive country in the WEF … Every year!

The economy with the most trade agreements in the world

We are connected to the world and committed to globalization. The economy with more trade agreements of the world, which have allowed us to look from Chile to the global market. A country where distances do not exist. Technology and integration allow us to be the gateway to the Pacific Alliance. 26 international agreements and double taxation treaties with 64 economies, which allow us to trade with 86.3% of the World PIB underprivileged tariff conditions. Access to 4.3 billion potential consumers.


Promote food exports from Chile to the Arab world. Taking into account that only 0.3% of our exports go to that market, while Brazil sells about 10% of its exports to the Arab World. This for a good public-private work that consolidated the Arab market for its exports. That is one of our main objectives, to encourage significant export growth, accompanied by the development of Halal-certified food in Chile, a requirement to be consumed by the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world.

Capture investments from the Arab World for Chile, both from sovereign and private funds. Continuing to promote investments such as Qatar Airways, in Latam Airlines. Together with those of The Abraaj Group and ADIA; in CasaIdeas and the Abertis highways, respectively.



Avenida La Dehesa 181, Oficina 306, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile