Nicolás Majluf Sapag Invitation

"In an economy as competitive as Chile, entrepreneurs must constantly seek new commercial and investment opportunities to grow.

In this context, the Muslim population is 1.6 billion people, potential buyers of our products. While Arab funds invest in the most diverse areas and nations, businesses that we can capture in our country as well.

This was a need not covered by the public or private sector, so the Chilean Arab Chamber of Commerce and Investment was born A.G. (CAMCHA). Trade association, non-profit, whose purpose is to promote and encourage commercial and investment exchange between Chile and the countries of the Middle East, offering instances of support and collaboration to companies, individuals and organizations of the countries that are part of CAMCHA .

Our Chamber has a long-standing board of directors, with extensive experience in business management, in the public and academic fields, a network of important partners that carry out their activities in various fields and an Advisory Council where the Ambassadors of the Arab countries in Chile. In addition to our strategic alliance with the Islamic Center of Chile, and working together with ProChile and the Direcon.

Without a doubt, partnering will be of great benefit to your organization, so we invite you to be part of our chamber."

Nicolás Majluf Sapag




Avenida La Dehesa 181, Oficina 306, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile