Nicolás Majluf Sapag

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Industrial Engineer and Systems of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, where he was Academic Deputy Director of the School of Engineering, and Academic General Director of the University. D. in Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in addition M.Sc. in Operations Research at Stanford University.

He currently participates in the boards of Paz Corp, Sodimac, Next Minerals, Riskamerica, Pricing and as an advisor to the board of Inchalam and its associated companies. He was previously a director at Codelco, Celulosa Arauco, Colbún, Empresas Copec, Carnes Ñuble, Falabella, Euroamerica, Company of telecommunications of Chile (CTC), Edelnor, Electroandina and Pizarreño.

He has been a visiting professor at MIT, UCLA and IESE in Barcelona, ​​as well as in other Latin American and national universities. He has written 3 books and numerous articles published in various international journals in the area of ​​Strategic Management, in which he is coauthor with Professor Arnoldo Hax of MIT. These books have been translated into Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese.

He has extensive experience in business matters.



Avenida La Dehesa 181, Oficina 306, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile